Verpackungstechnik GmbH


Single turntable machine for the production of destoCups – combined cups made of plastic and paper with a base. Wide area of use e.g. for dairy products.


Blank conveyor as buffer
Gluing station for connecting base to the inlet

Inline base printing station (date/bar code)

Servo driven 4-screw finished cup ejection 

Elevator as automated inlet storage area

Finished cup elevator as automated storage

Indexed stacking conveyor as alternative to standard stacking table

Special advantages of the machine:

Register-controlled base web- feed for pre-printed reels

Simple loading and unloading of the materials and finished products

Short tool changeover times

Technical data:

Product range: 125 – 2000 ml 

Height min.: 44 mm, max.: 180 mm

Upper diameter min: 67 mm, max: 140 mm

Base diameter min.: 38 mm, max:110 mm

Machine capacity: up to 145 cups/minute