Verpackungstechnik GmbH


This machine is used to produce destoCups without base as well as to apply thermal insulation to paper cups. The machine places a second layer of paper around paper or plastic cups fed to it. It has a capacity of up to 160 cups/minute, depending on the cup geometry and the gluing process used. 


Blank conveyor as buffer 
Servo driven 4-screw finished cup ejection

Elevator as automated inlet storage area

Finished cup elevator as automated storage for finished products

Indexed stacking conveyor as alternative to standard stacking table

Special advantages of the machine:
Simple loading and unloading of the materials and finished products

Short tool changeover times

Servo-driven vacuum feed unit

Technical data: 

Product range: 75 – 600 ml 

Cup height min.: 44 mm, max.: 180 mm

Upper diameter min: 43 mm, max: 140 mm

Base diameter min.: 38 mm, max: 110 mm

Machine capacity: up to 160 cups/minute