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Customer benefit

Packaging needs vary from company to company and from country to country. A high level of expertise, an innovative spirit and meticulous care are required to meet everyone's individual needs in a professional manner. This is precisely the unbeatable combination that our machine manufacturing specialists use to master the tasks we are given. We work in close cooperation with our customers to develop and produce perfect technology for the packaging they need.

Economic efficiency

The bottom line is where the decisive numbers are found …

With Weyhmüller and Rissen machines, you buy:

Flexibility – The market is changing at an unbelievable speed nowadays and requires variable production batches with regard to volumes and designs. That is why we deliver most of our systems with several precisely calculated options right from the start. Our machines are known worldwide for their short changeover times!

Reliability of the production process is indispensable for any business – With our durably designed, robust and secure machines, you will be able to fulfill your quantity and deadline agreements. The cheapest solution is not always the most economical in the long run. Production downtime caused by frequent failures, waste of expensive materials and drawn-out service work are costly traps. What counts at the end of the day is the overall cost incurred by the machine!

Ecology and cost

As far as we are concerned, ecology and economy are not mutually exclusive.

  • Our solutions are dominated by the recyclable and biodegradeable raw material paper, which is based on sustainable wood resources.
  • The increasing worldwide demand for oil will continue to drive up the price of plastic products.
  • With our technologies, packaging is produced containing a lesser amount of plastic and more of the biodegradable raw material paper. Current examples:

Marketing / product design

Packaging, of course, fulfils practical tasks – it allows products to be transported and to keep them fresh longer. Really good packaging, however, does a whole lot more. It gives your product an unmistakable look, distinguishes it from competitors and awakens positive emotions with its message and design. Our extensive know-how makes it possible to create packaging that optimally combines information and design – and this can be done using exceptional forms, clear contours, brilliant colors and clear lines. This works best, of course, when we can provide support for our customers in the early planning stages.

Material handling

We are a knowledgeable and versatile partner for our customers. We are neither fixed upon a certain material nor a certain production method. Thin paper, thick cardboard, aluminum laminate, plastic laminate, plastic paper laminate and even special aseptic laminates – because of our extensive knowledge and experience we are professionals at working with a wide range of packaging materials and are able to offer the corresponding solution for your needs.