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Expertise / workflow

As the term "packaging technology" indicates, our customers receive much more than just smoothly operating machines. Consultation and training or plant layouts and logistics concepts – this is how we help you optimize your workflow. When clearly defining the processes up to the finished product, selecting materials, answering questions regarding punching or sealing, printing technology or product identification, we are always ready and willing to help.


Which grammage is most suitable? What about material stiffness or thickness? What barrier or bonding properties are needed? What is the ideal method of storage? We have the answers to a multitude of questions. Regardless whether laminates, plastic or paper are used – every individual material has its own specific properties, with which we are well acquainted.

Design and costs

Especially in the early stages of product development when ideas are still being formed we can be a valuable partner. We offer professional design consultation to customers who come to us with a product concept. This results in customized packaging technology that will make the new product you have conceived marketable. Circular or non-round, which angle, with whatever type of base. In addition, every square centimeter of material that is saved is money in your pocket. That is why we complete the product drawings and determine the optimal punching layout in the early stages of development.

Printing technology

Printing applications for gravure, flexographic and offset printing regardless of which process you choose – we can provide detailed consultation. Brilliant colors and clear contours – the gravure printing process is mainly used for paper/aluminum laminates which are often used for ice-cream cone packaging. Cost optimized – for less demanding applications. Up to 6 flexographic printing units can be installed on our punching machines, eliminating an additional step in the process.

Blanks / Punching

We offer punching machines in various sizes and with different capacities. You're sure to find just the design you are looking for to meet your requirements. The web widths range from 380 mm to 1250 mm on the products we have on offer, which as a special highlight includes one of the fastest punches on the market with up to 350 strokes/minute during continuous operation – the Drusula 1200S. Some of our punches can be delivered with flexographic printing units attached.

Bonding / Sealing

The sealing methods which we will recommend for your containers depend of course on the materials used and the product in question. PVA or hot-melt gluing, ultrasonic or heat sealing – we will integrate the best process in our machines to meet your requirements. We can also combine different sealing methods according to the material combination and product use.

Production and layout consultation

To optimize your workflow, you have to think comprehensively. Positioning the machines in the plant, raw material logists, buffering, optimizing distances the operators have to move, or stockpiling – we always provide our customers with professional advice when planning and adjusting the individual steps in the workflow. We take all important aspects into consideration and make sure that you can work smoothly and efficiently.