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Drusula 800

Our middle sized machine - with up to 350 strokes/minute ideal for combining with 2 or 3 cup machines or up to 4 cone winding machines. The Drusula 800 is suitable for blanks made of all standard materials e.g. for cone blanks of paper/aluminum laminate, cup blanks of cardboard, lids of cardboard and many others.

Can be additionally equipped with up to 5 flexographic printing units (Drusula 800-5C) Highly precise embossing unit (Drusula 800-E) Highly precise perforation unit (Drusula 800-P) Humidifying device

Special advantages of the machine:
Automatic web edge and tension control Hydraulic reel lifting device Punching material up to approx. 400 g/m² CCD camera-based electronically controlled web feed system Print to punch tolerance: ± 0.25 mm

Technical data:
Maximum web width: 800 mm (punching window: width 780 mm, in direction of paper feed 476 mm) Maximum reel diameter: 1600 mm (63”) Machine capacity: Up to 350 strokes/minute